SharpPoint SelfDrillingPoint


Self Drilling Screws gathers drilling, tapping and tightening at the same time. The reason is self drilling screw has an extra function–drilling. These Drill points are designed in a manner much the same as a high speed drill bit. Self drilling screw’s case hardness and core hardness is higher than the self tapping screw. Self-drilling screws have a hardened drill point that will drill and thread in structural steel and mild steel. Self-drilling screws are available in a variety of finishes with unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless, Aluminum Alloy, Bi-Metal, Others
Diameter Range : M 3.5 ~ 6.3 or #6 ~ #14
Length : 9.5 ~ 160 mm
Coating: Zinc or Yellow Plated、Ruspert、Dacrotized、Machinical galvanized、Painted Head、others
Usage: Prefabricated house、building roof、floor、truck bucket、container floor、others